-Journeys For a Cause

For the purposes of this website, the rider / blog writer wishes to remain anonymous.  Our followers will experience The Rider’s view through the attached helmet camera. 


This anonymity serves three purposes: 


•To facilitate the Slow TV  or Slow Web  viewer experience, 

•to permit the writer/rider to be human and allowed to make mistakes, and

•make the Cure Scleroderma Foundation remain the focal point, since this is a journey dedicated to their cause.


The videos provide a first person experience as they can view the motorcycle ride through their own eyes. With limited conversation during the motorcycle ride, the video allows a first hand exploration through many communities in various countries from Canada to Ecuador. 


At a time when multitasking is the norm, experiencing this form of slow tv or vlog provides the viewer with a different and easier pace while on the internet. Sometimes. less is more with less distractions, but a more mindful view so one can sit back relax and enjoy the ride.  At times, it may be an experience akin to watching logs burn in the fireplace or fish swimming in a tank, or maybe being a child looking out the car window as it is being driven through a countryside. Being unscripted, the occasional surprise may be literally be around the corner. 


Since the writer/rider is new to blogs and vlogs, remaining anonymous on the web will relieve some pressures. The website will not be perfect; errors will be made with video editing, postings, grammar, and technical issues (mostly caused by biological interface problems) related to the website will happen. Obviously, friends and family will know who The Rider is, however, that’s a lot less pressure than what it could be.