Journeys for a cause

Another Day, Another Border Crossing

Day 17

January 22, 2019

From San Salvador, El Salvador to Choluteca, Honduras

First task- Get the light issue resolved.

After loading the motorcycle, I set off in search of a repair shop. Of course, the one I was looking for on my GPS is now no longer in business. So, I asked around and was directed to La Moto on 79th Avenue. I waited around for the mechanic to arrive while I removed the luggage and examined the fuses. Then I inspected the light bulbs and in the process lost a screw which secured the turn signal cover. Before I could cause more problems, the mechanic arrived and took over. Although I did some checks, he did them over, just like any good mechanic would. Although the bulbs looked good, he determined that they were the problem by testing the current to them. He suggested that the vibration I was putting the motorcycle through likely caused the lights to fail. After a $10 (USD) bill for the new bulbs and the work, the motorcycle was back up to snuff. During most of the time while the mechanic was overlooking the motorcycle and a while afterwards I spoke with three amazing local women who worked at the shop; Teresa, Angela and Larisa. During our talk they gave me an insight on the true El Salvador culture which exists outside of San Salvador. They suggested a few cities I should visit at some time to see the beauty and culture of the country. They recommended Apaneca Salvador, Juayua, Ataco and Suchitoto. For beautiful beaches, they recommended La Libertad and El Tunco. Since I need to be in Panama City for February 1st, I told them that I’d try to catch one or more of those places on my way back north.

The ride to the El Salvador border was a long one. Very pleasant, as the roads were very well maintained, but long. I had a craving for coconut water, so I stopped at the first fruit stand along the roadway that sold coconuts. This was near the city of San Vincente. During a conversation with the family members at the stand I told them I was riding from Canada. They said they really liked Canada because a volunteer group from Canada came over last year and built several shelters including the one across the street from the fruit stand. A lady there even explained that her current home was one of the shelters built. It was a nice feeling knowing that Canadians volunteering abroad are helping the good people of El Salvador.

Once I got to the border, I was swarmed by men who wanted to help the gringo get through the  steps for a fee. As I had done at the other borders, I told them I didn’t need their assistance and moved ahead by myself.

Past the border, the GPS didn’t permit me to put in the address of the hotel I wanted to stay at. Instead, I headed for the City of Choluteca in Honduras and once there, I asked around. A teenage boy provided me directions and the escorted me to the hotel with his scooter. Amazing how nice people can be towards a total stranger.

Tomorrow, I’ll be crossing into Nicaragua. Friends and family are concerned that I may not be safe there. I’m not. Who will be right?

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