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Changing Landscapes. January 7, 2019From Roswell, New Mexico to Del Rio, Texas

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Hello Friends,

What a difference a new day brings.

The weather was sunny and slightly chilly, however, this day did not bring snow on the streets.

I passed by the UFO Museum while riding out of Roswell. The flat land around the city makes it clear why it’s the #1 travel destination for aliens. Lots of space to park. 

If there was a ‘Welcome to Texas’ sign, I missed it. However, it became pretty clear I was in Texas when I started seeing the oil pumps and abundance of pickup trucks. Also, for this trip, I saw the first tumbleweed blown on the road in front of me. Funny how seeing one brings a smile to my face. I simply feel it’s a pleasing point of focus being pushed by the wind… with no other thoughts streaming through my mind.

The roads were initially flat. Very flat. I rode them until they turned into the dessert lands, and then to the rolling hills and mountains around the Big Bend National Park. This was Road Runner and Coyote Country. Simply beautiful.

The scenery on the ride was breathtaking, and I took some video and pictures along the way. Usually, I don’t take many pictures. I feel the act of taking out the camera, or phone, and framing a little piece of the entire surroundings takes the full appreciation out of the moment. Because this journey is dedicated to the Cure Scleroderma Foundation, I’ll have to dedicate some of these moments to the visitors on this site, in hope that they’ll appreciate the images. 

The last portion of the ride, coming to Del Rio, was along the US/Mexico border. I saw dozens of Border Patrol Agents in the area with their pickup trucks. I spoke with two officers during two of my stops and was impressed with their professionalism and friendly demeanour. No matter what side people are on when it comes to illegal migration, I feel that it is a scary and tense situation on the border.

Tomorrow, I should be arriving in Loredo, Texas, and possibly crossing the border. My first time accessing Mexico by a land border. Although I don’t expect it to be much different from most other countries, I’m looking forward to it.

Hope you’ll join me for the next update. 

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