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Feeling High

Feeling High

January 15, 2019

From Mexico City to Tecolutla, Mexico

Hello Friends,

I simply did not know what to expect!

The motorcycle and I left the comfort of the El Patio 77 B&B in Mexico City towards Tecolutla in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. Although a staff member at the hostel had suggested that I go to the city of Poza Rica, I had the urge to see and touch the waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Mexican Gas Crisis was still a concern. I left the hostel with a little over a 3/4 tank of gas and did not know if I could make it to my desired destination. But, what the hell! Gotta try!

About a half hour out of the city, I noticed fields with the cactus that produce cactus pears (aka pricklypears). A fruit that I have always loved. Amazing to see how they are planted in tight rows like an apple orchard. I saw fruit stands on the side of the road and I wanted to stop, but I figured that I would likely see another stand when stopped for gas. This was not the case. :(

As the gas reached 1/4 tank, I could not chance continuing on since I passed several closed stations along the way. I joined the line and in 1 hour and 45 minutes later, I had gas,  grabbed a little snack, and continued on. About two hours into the ride, I found myself heading higher and higher into the mountains. The roadway is very impressive with the only down side being the plethora of highway tolls. I must have stopped to pay at about ten tolls for a grand total of the equivalent to $30 Canadian. Since the highways are well maintained, the cost is worth it, however I still don’t understand why they have so many stops. The highways and tolls appear very safe since there are always several federal police officers around the toll areas.

I really enjoyed this highway as it went higher up the mountain into the clouds. As I continued the leaves of the jungle plants became larger and nlush with green trees, unfortunately, I could not get a good video as I was so high up in the clouds. The roads are really spectacular with several tunnels built through the mountains and some extremely high bridges.  

As I neared Tecolutla, I could and smell the Gulf of Mexico. It didn’t matter what else I could have seen, this was what I needed to see. I settled in at the Hotchel Glamping near the Tecoluta beach after meeting Ricardo, the owner/operator who provides a hotel-like comfort with a connection to nature achieved while being out in a tent. The tents are extremely comfortable as each have mattresses.

That night, I told Ricardo that my next stop would be the City of Oaxaca. He thought that I may not be able to do the entire ride in one day because it is would take at least eight hours.

Challenge accepted!


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