Journeys for a cause

Kind of a Crappy Day

Day 19

January 24, 2019

From Managua, Nicaragua to La Cruz, Costa Rica

Hello Friends!

Getting out of Nicaragua was not as easy as the other countries.

Got up early, I did  a little catch up work for the  Steel Breeze Venture site. The site is still very problematic and I can’t download videos. I ended up leaving at 10:30, but according to my GPS, my ride to Tamarindo, Costa Rica should get me there a little before 3 PM. I figured even if I added the reality of a long border crossing, plus bad road conditions, I should realistically be there at around 5 PM

So, on my way to Costa Rica, while stopped at an intersection for a red light. Very suddenly, I felt a hard bump from behind. I had just been rammed by a FedEx van. I was alright, but as I put the motorcycle on it’s side stand, I noticed that the rear luggage case was on the ground. It was knocked right off its’ metal support rack.

The driver of the FedEx van came out and immediately asked if I was ok. After we moved our vehicles to the side of the road, we discussed the possible courses of action and decided to take the motorcycle to a shop for a quick fix. The alternative, was to  call the police and waiting for insurance companies to do their thing before I could move on, was not something I was willing to do. I needed to keep moving. Shit happens, so I wanted the situation over as quickly as possible and move on. I’m sure the FedEx driver wanted the same, and not risk the possibility of getting fired at work.

I followed him to his neighbourhood where a family friend, who seemed to be a mechanic of sorts, looked over the damage and started working on a solution. There were a few screws ripped right off of the mounting rack, so all that needed to be done was find replacement screws and secure it as it was before. Additional adjustments also had to be made because the case did not fit properly anymore.

As I stood watching the repairs being done, I felt something on my head. It was bird-poop! Oh well, I thought, this is par for the course. I didn’t even flinch. I looked up into the tree branches above me and didn’t see the bird. He didn’t even stick around to apologize!

About three hours after the accident happened, I left with a fix that I felt (and hoped) would be good enough to get me through the rest of the trip.

After hitting a few construction zones leaving the city and having to do a few off road maneuvers, I hit the open road on the Nicaragua 3 Highway (Nic 3). This is a beautiful road! At one point, the trees are cut in a certain way which looks like your going through a tree tunnel.

Before reaching the border, the road I was on was extremely windy. Just as I thought that windmills would probably be great in a place like this, I noticed about 50 lined up along the shoreline of Lake Nicaragua.

At the border, it took me about an hour on each side, dealing with Immigration, Customs, and Vehicle Permit Departments. It’s very tedious since every time I cross a border, I have to provide photocopies of my passport, motorcycle registration, international driver’s licence, and other documents I’m given from one department to give to another.

Since it was now about 5:15 PM and I did not want to ride 1 1/2 in total darkness to Tamarindo, I chose to only ride to La Cruz, which is only about 20 minutes away. I found a nice hostel which had an open patio and a view of the cove down below. Too bad it was night time and there was close to no lighting, I didn’t see much, however, I did hear howler monkeys and lots of birds making their unique sounds. This was a very nice place to stop. I explored it during a walk later that night.

Next stop in Costa Rica is Tamarindo, a place recommend to me from family. Apparently it’s a beach town with great restaurants and night life. Not that I’m planning to party, but I look forward to walks on the beach and maybe taking in a yoga class. Let’s see what else Tamarindo has in store for me.

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