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Loving Curves

Day 11-


Loving Curves

January 16, 2019

From Tecolutla to Oaxaca, Mexico……..

Hello Friends,

It was time to handle the curves.

I woke up to the sounds of strange birds chirping or whatever it was they were doing and roosters crowing. As I emerged from the Hotchel Glamping tent, Liz, Ricardo’s wife, had a wonderful breakfast ready for me.

Ready to leave Ricardo informed me that I would not have any more issues with the Mexico gas crisis since it is an issue that is generally isolated in the central part of Mexico. This is because the pipeline gas which is being rerouted belongs to a company which allegedly facilitated the theft of three billion dollars worth of gas last year. Therefore, the gas crisis, caused by public fears in the areas,  is only where the government has taken action against the gas providers.  

I left Tecolutla and followed a route crossing several communities along the Gulf of Mexico shore lines. Eventually I noticed many trucks loaded past capacity with mandarins or tangerines. Several of the fruits fell off the trucks and were spread all over the roads. When I turned inland, I started a ride up and down mountains for approximately an hour.  This was the type of riding I was longing for; tight curves deep in the jungle. The roads were far less than optimal, however, that actually added more excitement to the ride. several potholes were present on the roads and several areas were under repairs, meaning that men were filling the holes with gravel or sand. I was glad I had the BMW R1150GS. as these were the conditions the motorcycle was built for.  I loved every moment of it.

On the latter part of the ride, I met a fellow motorcycle tourer siring one of my stopping breaks, he was riding a 250 CC Cooper, a Mexican manufactured motorcycle. He asked the question and then we talked about motorcycles and touring for a few minutes. We then found out that were were heading to the same location. Before he had a chance to suggest riding together, I started my engine and headed off. This is a solo journey. No offence to Albero, but I did not want the different feel of riding with someone  else. I believe it take a lot out of the relaxing and meditative state provided by riding alone.

Near the city of Oaxaca, I found myself at high altitudes again and surrounded by a new type of landscape. I was riding between mountains with Cactus trees. It seemed so foreign yo me.

I arrived in Oaxaca and found my hotel/hostel in the old part of town. It seemed very vibrant and inviting. Consequently, I decided to stay in Oaxaca another night. This will allow me to stretch out and enjoy all that is around.

So, where to next?

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