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Starting in the Snow. January 6, 2019 From Albuquerque to Roswell, New Mexico

Hello Friends,

I would never have predicted such a start. 

The ride started a tad late. I left Albuquerque, New Mexico at 9AM in the frigid temperature of 3°Celcius  (37° Fahrenheit) with snow all around town. It seemed to get colder as I road South/East down the highways. Near the half way point, there were piles of snow on the sides of the highway, just like those in Ottawa at this time of year. Although I had winter gear, including a heated vest, balaclava, and layers of clothing, I was still shivering. Luckily, I had the motorcycle dealership install some knobby tires prior to this trip. Otherwise, I likely would not have had such a “smooth” ride in the snow. 

At my first fuel up, I met a man who asked me the very common question, “So, where are you heading?” He was about 60 years old and was driving a truck just like the one used to transport the methylamine in Breaking Bad. One of the advantages of riding alone is that people are much more likely to approach and talk. When I told him I was making my way to Ecuador, he looked surprised and told me that he had never gone that far South. He then went on to tell me how much of a great time he had riding through Mexico when he was younger. He told me I’ll love it. I’m sure I will. 

The crisp air made the ride very unique. The scenery was beautiful! I didn’t record a video from the camera on my helmet today, since I mistakenly thought it was fully charged. I still manage to take a few nice pics though! 

Due to the riding conditions, I decided to make today’s ride a short one, ending up in Roswell, New Mexico. The minor technical glitches, cold riding weather, and patches of ice did not dampen my spirits. Hopefully alien abductions in Roswell are a thing of the past. 

The Journey has started again and I’m looking forward to the next day.

Special thanks to:

- My friend Nancy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for helping me get around town so that I could get myself and my motorcycle ready for the trip.

- Shaine Adair of Sandia BMW Motorcycles who provided me with the best service ever! 

- My friend Sonya in Ottawa, Ontario, who has helped me with final touches on this website, and will be helping me from Ottawa as I carry on throughout the journey.   

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