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Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Day 20

January 25, 2019

From La Cruz to Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Hello Friends!

Costa Rican roads are a very easy ride.

However, before hitting the roads, I grabbed a quick breakfast at the hostel’s restaurant. This time, I could see the amazing cove below. The hostel had a perfect location for chilling out and looking over a Costa Rican jungle to the Pacific Ocean. The spot I was told to park the motorcycle the night before revealed the picturesque spot it was in. I had to take a picture, and hopefully it’ll make it on the blog.

During a safety check of the motorcycle before the ride, I noticed that the rear turn signal light was out again. Really odd. I don’t recall ever having a burnt signal light before, and this is the third time during this journey… and a second time for the rear right signal light. I should have bought the extra bulbs when Teresa of La Moto in San Salvador suggested it! I’ll have to find another motorcycle repair shop some time soon and get things checked out again. I’m hoping it’s not anything more serious than the bumpy roads causing the light bulbs dying out.

The Costa Rican roads in the daytime looked very nice. I rode by a snake on the road. It was coiled up in the middle of the lane and it was a milky white colour. Not sure if it was alive, however, I didn’t really care to find out.  

The ride into Tamarindo was scenic and smooth. Yes, it’s a touristy spot, but I felt like being here. A friend of the family was staying at a hostel and invited me to stay there too. Although I’d be in a room shared with 6 other people, I agreed. Can’t really beat the $16 (USD) price. The video of my arrival to Tamarindo  (link video) is included on the website’s Slow-TV section. This arrival felt uniquely satisfying. I believe you’ll understand what I mean when you see the end of the ride.

I hit the beach later that afternoon. The ocean waters were not cold and not too warm… they were just right! Ahhhh!

I decided to stay an extra day in Tamarindo because it all felt really good. Although the accommodations were shared with men and women I didn’t initially know, it soon became a comfortable place shared with new friends, including xxxxx  (picture to be added with blog).  

During the two days there, I also got to know Spencer from Germany who worked at the mini breakfast and coffee shop next to the hostel, and Matteo, an Italian from the City of Pisa, who worked at a burger restaurant in a local food court. Both guys decided to live in Costa Rica because of the laid back lifestyle and amazing people. They were both in relationships and madly in love with a Tica (Costa Rican woman). Their words, not mine.

During two separate conversations on the second day there, Gillis and Spencer both brought up ayahuasca and their recent life changing experience with the hallucinogenic herb. I have to admit, after the stories they told of the mental, spiritual, and physical cleanse, I may have to look at this a little closer one day.

I did go to a yoga class. After nearly four weeks on this journey without my usual yoga practice, It was not an easy class. I believe my first few days on the upcoming yoga course in Ecuador will likely feel the same.

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