About The Journey


Motorcycle travel is unique. There is no comparison with any travel in an enclosed vehicle. On a motorcycle, one can feel the environment; the curve and grade of each turn, and the feel of the pavement or other surfaces, the wind, heat, cold, humidity, and rain. We can “feel” the climate that is nurturing the existence or growth of vivid colours (Canada eh!), and “smell” unique aromas present in the air. Robert Persig, the author of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” said something similar, and definitely in a more eloquent manner, but The Rider of this journey thinks every motorcycle rider has his or her own way of agreeing that the zen, or a form of meditation, can definitely be captured on a motorcycle. 


Join the ride by viewing the Slow-TV Vlog, and hopefully you’ll be able to feel the zen.


The rider started in September 2018, in Ottawa and made his way to Chicago, Illinois. From there, The Rider started travelling along the Historic Route 66. Meeting amazing people along the way and seeing the sites on the Mother Road was epic! 


Since then, The Rider has travelled back to New Mexico, where the motorcycle was stored, and continued the journey South enroute to Ecuador. Although, as mentioned above, the ride itself brings on a zen-like feeling, The Rider will be spending a month in Ecuador for yoga instructor training before heading Northbound, back towards Canada. The ride will end in April, but the journey may need to continue at a later time due to weather and other commitments.


Crime and danger exist in every country. While some places may have a more violent reputation, The Rider is not looking for trouble and will avoid areas of concern from people in the know.


During the journey, viewers are asked to forward recommendations for the next stops.