Watching this Slow TV or Slow Web vlog may be good for your health!


Sometimes, less is more— At a time when multitasking is the norm while on the web, experiencing a slow-tv style vlog will allow viewers a unique and relaxing experience while enjoying the ride. There will be fewer distractions, yet the viewer will be more aware (or mindful) of details on the screen. It’ll be an experience akin to watching logs burning in the fireplace or fish swimming in a tank, or a child looking out the car window as it is being driven through a countryside. 


Viewers of the videos will be given a first person experience, where they can interpret what is seen during the motorcycle ride through their own minds. Since no one will be talking most of the time, the viewer is given the opportunity to enjoy a motorcycle ride through various countries as communities are explored from Canada to Ecuador.


Being unscripted, the occasional surprise may be literally around the corner as the viewer is watching. 

As noted in the About the Journey section, The Rider feels that motorcycle rides induce a zen-like (meditative) feeling. So, if it is a form of mediation, and routinely done, it can provide several health benefits , including: reduction of stress, fostering clearer thinking, increased capacity for empathy and compassion, lowering high blood pressure, reducing anxiety attacks, reducing tension related pain such as headaches and insomnia, increasing serotonin to improve mood and behaviour, and increasing energy levels.